Thursday, 14 April 2016

This is my Best Writing for Term 1:

A Little Owl

5 Reasons why I made this my best writing:
  1. I like this writing because it has some rhymes in it. ( highlighted in text)
  2. I like this writing because there are some interesting words.
  3. I like this writing because It has correct Spelling. (made by the computer and me)
  4. I like this writing because it has correct Punctuation.
  5. I like this writing because this writing is Organised with paragraphs. ( 7 paragraphs)

Once upon a time there lived a little owl, he loved to play around,but he always got a growl
This little Owl was very adventurous, but mum and dad said this is ridiculous.
He had lots of dreams and hopes, but mum and dad would tie him up with a rope
Life was very hard, it was like his parents were his guards
He loved them very much, but wish he could do something as such
He was stuck in that tree, but he wanted to be free.
So one day he had a plan, to make a rockin band
There was a Owl, that made the crowd go wow
There was a Fox, that really knew how to rock
There was a Rabbit, who had a nasty habit
“He couldn't stop tapping on the drums”
Oh no, mum and dad were home
And they were about to moan
They yelled and growled
At their sweet little owl
They pushed them all out
And said no more you nasty grouts
The little owl had no choice, but to stay in his tree

And only dream of finally being wild and free….

Monday, 4 April 2016

My first Screencastify:

This is the link to my first Screencastify in Room 7, Screencastify is pretty hard , but you can get used to it, have a go if you like your more than welcome, please take a look at mine, thank you very much.