Friday, 3 March 2017

Who am I ?

Thursday, 2nd Mar 2017
  • Who am I ...
My name is Analei Angell Tumahai , I am 11 years old and a year 8 at St. Pius X Catholic School. I live with an aunt on weekdays because her house is closer to school. I used to go to Orakei, but St. Pius is better. I have a weird but funny family, My mother is a netball coach at Auckland Girls Grammar School and My Father is a scaffolder. My mother is Maori and my father is Samoan. I have 5 older brothers and no sisters. I have 1 full brother and 4 half brothers.
  • Who do I work best with...
I work best with Von, Caroline, and Henrietta because we all get along and we always remind each other if we get carried away, that we have to finish our work. So we get all our work done and we have a bit of fun.
  • Why am I at School...
I am at school because I want to learn and be successful in life. I want to make my family proud and not waste the money they spend on my school fees.

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