Friday, 4 March 2016

Religious Education: Stations of the cross - 8

8th Station: The woman of Jerusalem

Yellow: Simile
Orange: Describing word

I was pushed through the front of the crowd, the crowd was as Enormous as the town and then I was standing there in the crowd, watching as the poor son of god, Jesus Christ was carrying the heavy cross, It was as heavy as a container full of big books, he was struggling , so a man named simon was forced to help,

As I watched there was a group of weeping woman, Then I heard a woman say “You are the man of sorrow” and another say “ You are like a innocent frightened little lamb being lead to slaughter”.

I get pushed to the ground , by these annoyed and Grumpy guards, I fell lots of pain, it was as painful as getting hit with a rock and I cry out, but hey just laugh at me and call me pathetic, As I lay there I could just see Jesus trying to console the group of weeping woman, So I get back up on my knees and beg for forgiveness and I pray to lord.

I say “Dear Lord, Help me to be a faithful and Honest friend. When my friends are going through a hard time or are being made fun of, I want to help them and be a wonderful and kind friend” “Amen”.

I stay there on my knees, praying to the lord, I get kicked and pushed over again many more times, but I  think about the pain, that our lord is suffering, so I stay there for a few more hours, praying to the lord our “I am”.

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