Tuesday, 31 May 2016

31/05/16 - Science Road show

 I was really excited because we were about to go to Tamaki College for a science road show. Only Room 7 and 5 were going to the show and we went by car from some of the parents who volunteered, I was in Mrs Tui’s car with Faleaka and Courtney, I was sitting in the front seat looking out the window it started raining, I thought in my head luckily we didn't walk. We arrived at Tamaki College ,but we weren't sure where the science tour show was, we went inside the Auditorium and when we walked in we saw a board with cans and sugar next to it. It showed how much sugar was in 4 cans, 10 cans and then a whole bunch of cans. When we walked inside the room, I saw lots of boards and strange items all around the room. Then a lady did an experience about absorbing and she had 3 tubes of green water and she did a little test, then we went out to explore the stations of experiments. There was so many to explore, first I went to the Double Wave and at that station you see 2 containers on a wall filled with colourful water and there was a handle. I pushed it up and down, it made waves even though the handle was only on the bottom container, it was connected and it looked the same. After exploring so many experiences a bell rang and we came back and we went back and sat in our seats, we looked at the man and some people did the Extra Experiments competition and the winners were Rosrine and Kainesini, they got a dinosaur printed by the 3d printer that was there. Then they started doing some interesting experiences and I learned more about Sound and how it travels through air, I was really amazed. Then when we finished we had a little recap of what we had learned, then we went outside and we all went back to school.

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