Thursday, 7 July 2016

Trip to the Marae:

07/07/16 - Visit to the Marae
I was so excited because the whole school was going to the Marae in Glen Innes and I had never been there before, only at my own Marae. As we were walking towards the Marae, I thinking about my Karanga / Powhiri that I was going to do, before we entered the Marae.

In this Photo I am preparing for my Karanga
with Mrs. Tui

When we got there I was worried and scared I was going to forget a word or miss pronounce it, because that was the worst thing that could happen, as I started I felt more confident and at the end, I was no longer scared, then we removed our shoes and entered the Marae.

Then the Chief of the Marae stood up and said some words, then  2 boys from our class, Room 7 stood up and said some words in Maori and then English, after them it was our principal’s turn, he said thank you on behalf of our school, then the 10 people in front and me went up to hongi the people of that marae.

After that we all went outside, put on our shoes and we had some food to eat, only a bit, then we went and explored, Me, Von, Henrietta, Malia, Luisa, Stanley and other students played Pukana, after that we were all called into the hall.
This is our class outside
the Marae

When we were in the hall, Where Whaere taught us some more words and the meaning / story of their Marae and it’s name Ruapotaka, she also told us our pepeha, it’s like a introduction of who you are and where you come from.

After that we were put with our soul friends, first we were making a flower with flax, then we went back into the Marae and sang a waiata.
This is us singing the

Then we had Lunch and we played again. Then we had a big chat with the people from that Marae. Then we got onto the bus and we went to tech, but the other classes stayed.

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