Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day #3 Wild Eyes (Acitivity 2)

Activity 2 - On your blog, tell us whether you agree that New Zealand should be predator free. In your opinion, is it right to kill all of the predators (eg. possums) or should we just leave them alone? On your blog tell us what you think and give us, at least, three reasons why you think this way.

Is it right to kill all of the predators, is that even a question?

1. What gives us the right to take the life of other animals just because they are trying to survive.

2. What makes a human better than an animal? Killing other humans is against the law, but killing animals are all right. We call them pests, but the real pests are us. We have driven so many other animals and even other cultures into extinction.

3. God created all things, what gives us the right to kill them. They were created for a reason and so were we.

I'm not saying we should leave them alone because the problems will only continue, but killing them is not the answer. Instead of killing them they should be relocated or we can try something else.

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