Saturday, 8 July 2017

Day 1: 100% PURE New Zealand (Bonus Activity)

I have designed a flag that I think resembles New Zealand. 
The blue in the background represents the love we have for the sea, almost 15% of New Zealand Families own a boat. The green is for the land, the open, beautiful and untouched nature that is all around New Zealand.The tree is for the people of New Zealand, we are the roots that make this tree grow to stand proud and strong just like how we normal new Zealanders make New Zealand a proud and strong country.


  1. Love your reasons Ana-Lei. I feel almost convinced about the flag you designed.

  2. Kia Orana Ana-Lei,

    I love your flag you designed. You have given explicit reasons to why it has been created like this. I love how how detailed your representation of the tree. So fascinating to see that you have a positive approach for the people of New Zealand. They would be so proud to read your response to your flag.

    Keep it the good work Ana-Lei!