Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day #4: Swimming with the Sharks (Activity 2)

Activity 2: After a morning of learning about beached whales in Golden Bay, you and your group are driven to a nearby town, Nelson, to watch a special movie calledWhale rider.’ It is a famous movie about a young girl who was born and raised in New Zealand. Watch the following movie trailers for Whale Rider: Whale Rider trailer #1 and Whale Rider Trailer #2 and then write a summary of the movie on your blog. What is it about? Be sure to also give the movie a rating out of 5 based on the trailer [1 = bad movie, 2 = okay movie, 3 = pretty good, 4 = good movie, 5 = excellent movie].

This movie is about a girl, A long ago the land needed a leader and he came on the back of a whale and his name was Pikia. Since then in every generation of the girl's family the first born son would carry his name and become the leader of the tribe, but he died and the girl didn't. Then she was named Pikia, although some people disprove and said that she cursed or ruined the tradition. She was a girl and that was a fact, but she didn't give up and she set out to prove everyone wrong.

Movie Rating -
5 = Excellent Movie

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