Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Day #5: One Step at a Time… (Activity 1)

Activity 1: After a few hours in the car, you, your group and Curious Kiwi arrive at your first stop – The Lewis Pass Scenic Reserve. It is a beautiful, regional park located at the base of the Southern Alps. You and your group get out of the van and follow Curious Kiwi. He is going to lead you on a short walk through the park. As you start walking, you notice a really cool looking tree on the side of the trail and you stop to take a closer look. When you turn back, the group (and Curious Kiwi) is nowhere to be found. Eek! You are all alone in the middle of a strange forest.

For this activity write a short story (8-10 sentences) about what might happen next. Please be sure to include lots of details about what you might be feeling, seeing and doing after you realise that you are all alone in the forest...
I call out to curious kiwi and the rest of the group, but they don't respond. My hands start to tremble and my mind fills with horrible things that might happen to me. Everything is so still and silent that I start to get even more freaked out. I stand very still and I look side to side, up and down well everywhere. Suddenly I feel something touching my feet, so I freeze. My eyes move around trying to see what it is while my body is rock solid. Then Curious kiwi runs to me and looked at me as if he were trying to figure out a a puzzle, I just stare at him without saying a word. What are you doing?? says Curious Kiwi. I mumble "There is something on my leg!!" He just stared at me and says What? Can't hear you? I burst out with anger and shout at him "THERE IS SOMETHING ON MY LEG!!" Curious Kiwi stands there for about a minute before he bursts our laughing, I realise what I had done and I look at my leg, there was nothing at all on my leg. I guess I was being paranoid and I start to laugh too.

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