Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Day #7 - Keep New Zealand Beautiful (Activity 2)

Activity 2: On your blog, post a picture of yourself doing something relaxing. I find reading really relaxing. Here is a picture of me reading one of my favorite books!
H:\Blogging Study\WLJ 2017\Rach - Selfie (reading).jpg

Here is a photo of me and cousin playing, to me, this is really relaxing and fun.


  1. Hi Ana-Lei,
    It looks like you really enjoy playing with your cousin. I am sure she enjoys playing with you as well. What games do you play? Keep up the great blogging.
    From Clarelle Davis

  2. Talofa Lava Ana-lei,
    It seems to me that you and your cousins are having fun and at the same time on the couch playing games with each other. Do you have any other things that you find relaxing? I find board games relaxing but anyways I enjoy also to play games with my cousins and especially my younger baby cousins.

  3. Hey Analei,
    Awwwwwww! I love your adorable picture of doing something relaxing with your cousin! So cute! Do you have something else that is relaxing gue to the weather? Great to see heaps of progress in your blog posts.

    Lusia P

  4. Hi Annalei,

    Great to see you participating through the Winter Learning Journey programme. I really love your photo you posted of you and your cousin playing. It reminds me so much of myself sitting on the couch reading with my daughter Shonny before we go to bed.

    Thank you for sharing your blog with us. Keep up the good work Annalei!

    Best wishes,


  5. Hi Ana-Lei,

    How lovely that you read to your little cousin! Very kind of you and I'm sure she really loves having a big cousin to look up to! I hope you're enjoying blogging - it's wonderful that you've chosen to be involved in this program during your school break.

    I'm on summer holidays as I live in Canada and July is a typical holiday month for Canadians. I love to read for relaxation too!

    I hope you'll continue to enjoy your adventures around New Zealand!